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The History of Pizza Hut

The history of pizza hut
The first Pizza Hut is located in Kansas at the Wichita State University Campus. It was opened in 1958 by Frank and Dan Carney, 2 brothers who studied at the university.

The history of Pizza hut began in 1958, when what is now the world's largest pizza franchise was born. Today the Pizza hut company is part of the Pepsi Empire, but back then two brothers's borrowed $600 from their mother and started to forge the history of Pizza hut.

Pizza Hut has subsequently branched out and developed franchises all over the world. In fact it is diversity that has made the history of pizza hut so successful. Their menus and recipes are not the same, different locations use different suppliers and different toppings, according to the demand of their clients. The building block of the history of pizza hut has been this diversity, not often present in such a large concern.

The Commercial History of Pizza Hut

The whole history of pizza hut has been achieved through innovation, but the history of pizza hut really took off with amalgamation into the Pepsi Company and more aggressive marketing techniques especially in the take out market.

Not surprisingly over the years Pizza hut had to reinvent the pizza again and introduce a healthier style of pizza. Pizza in itself is not the unhealthiest meal, but it is laden with unnecessary calories and fats when cheese is added. Pizza hut was forced to add new taste combinations to their menus that offered a lower fat alternative. It is now possible to select between three to eight toppings depending on the prices you have paid. This lower fat alternative offers a leaner option of chicken or ham and between two and six fresh vegetables toppings.

Pizza hut cannot be accused of not listening to their customers, when a Dallas survey declared that most people like to dip their slices of pizza into a sauce. Pizza hut quickly conducted their own survey online and then added dippers to their pizza menus.

Fun Facts in Pizza Hut History

  • Pizza hut are the world's largest user of cheese, one of their secret recipes is the Insider pizza and that alone uses a pound of cheese. on each pizza. Over the course of a summer it is estimated that Pizza hut uses a 100 million pounds of cheese. Pizza Hut uses more than 300 million pounds of cheese annually.
  • To make that amount of cheese requires 360 million gallons of milk.
  • Pizza Hut purchases more than 3 percent of all cheese production in the United States , which requires a herd of about 170,000 dairy cows to produce it.
  • They also use 700.000.000 pounds of pepperoni and 525.000.000 pound of tomatoes in one year.
  • In 2010 Pizza hut history was made again, when they were the first national pizza franchise to allow their customers to order online in Spanish.
  • Ringo Starr (the drummer of the Beatles) played in a Pizza Hut commercial in 1995, together with The Monkees.
  • Gorbachev (the former president of the USSR) also played in a Pizza Hut commercial.
  • In 2001 Pizza Hut sponsored a pizza delivery to the international space station.
  • One of the bad guys in the movie Spaceballs is called Pizza the Hutt.
  • The oldest Pizza Hut that is still functional is in Wichita, Kansas.
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